Sax at the Opera

This program is forever young. The practice of Mozart's day to send the popular essence of the great operas in small instrumentation to the entire world, is regarded by us as harmony music of the 21st Century.

Powerful emotions and belcanto in the incredible sound format of classical saxophone.


Grünwald. August Everding Kulturzentrum

... "Sax athe Opera", which makes the classic sexy ...

...You sit there like tied up,  Sax Allemande has drawn a magic circle around its listeners.

........Soloistic top performances and a bewitched interaction set new standards in Saxophone Olymp .....


(Source: Münchner Merkur)

Mittelhessischer Kultursommer, Hüttenberg


The three award-winning musicians did not provide the audience with indigestible and heavy stuff for all the precision and mastery of its game but rather an extremely lively and masterfully played musical menu, spiced with charm, humour and winks, each peace of work being a homage to the original one. Everything was just perfect ....


Already in the first block - five Arias from Mozart's "Don Giovanni"- the well-known musical themes brought smiles on the faces of some listeners, at the Champagne Aria, in which the saxophone sounds tingled like the best wine, the the first spontaneous »Bravo shouts« were heard...


(Source: Gießener Allgemeine)

Friedrichshafen, Graf-Zeppelin-Haus

A jewel of musical art


Forget everything that you know so far about the saxophone playing, at least in the classical field. Since the way in which the trio "Sax Allemande" transformed operetta melodies and other works from the classical and romantic field for other instruments or orchestra, seems to be simply magic ........


(Source: Südkurier)

Bottrop, Kulturzentrum August Everding 

"Chamber music at the highest level"


Mozart and saxophone? Mendelssohn and Sax? Beethoven and this instrument, which was "invented" in the mid-19th Century by the Belgian Adolphe Sax? Is that possible? It is. And how!

The mentioned classical and romantic composers have rarely sounded so fresh and elegant, so sophisticated and trenchant.


The Kulturmat should oblige "Sax Allemande" for a small but "very large" casting again immediately ..... "


(Source: Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung)

Landau, Jugendstilfesthalle  

Seducer on saxophones


When editing the most beautiful arias from Mozart's "Don Giovanni" at the start of the cheerful evening, a surprisingly lively, witty and elegant, aloof charming and yet well balanced reproduction of the thoroughly known musician emerges that gets particularly clear contours in purified, transparent shape...


(Source: Pfälzer Tageblatt)


.... Incredibly flexible and sophisticated, highly subtle and sensitive in sound. You can hear clarinets, oboes, and occasionally even flutes, bassoon or a painted double bass and are occasionally puzzled as to where the fourth player is sitting - in such a perfect way, the three instruments create an illusion of the great orchestral sound. Classical saxophone sound at the highest level has a name: Sax Allemande.


(Source: Passauer Neue Presse)

Bad Säckingen


.....With the opening track in Arias from Mozart's "Don Giovanni", the saxophonist's ability to draw wonderful smooth-contoured and ariose singing lines in the room impresses, with lightness, elegance and effortless brilliance, and last but not least a wit, which makes listening a carefree pleasure.  To introduce the audience into the world and time of Mozart, a time without cell phones, without CDs, without Youtube, it just took three such perfectly harmonising saxophone virtuosos .....


(Source: Badische Zeitung)



The CD in the Media

Nice idea, brilliant execution: ..... ravishing sound wit and lightness ..... Foreign programs with soul.


(Source: AZ-München)


.... Wit, charm, virtuosity and something which does not involve any editing, the nearest possible approach to the composers.
....... this whole production must have simply been fun, this can be noticed in every cycle, in addition, the smooth interaction guarantees a listening experience of special kind ..


(Source: WDR 3, Henning Freiberg)


The distinctive ... "Giovanni" - adaptations, of which one can not get enough .....

The Farao CD "Sax at the opera" is a song of praise to the musical intimacy.


(Source: Bayern 4, Volkmar Fischer)


...wit, musicality and high technical skill to triumph in this original and intelligent  recording [...] succeeded brilliantly... "


(Source: Radio 3 NDR/ORB, Dieter Kranz)