Sax & Arsen -

Andrea Maria Schenkel

Edgar Allan Poe first saw the light of day on 19 January 1809 - exactly 14 days before Felix Mendelssohn - Bartholdy.

The bestselling author Andrea Maria Schenkel - known to many for her novel, "The Murder Farm" - became the "friend" and has become inspired of our "Lieder(n) ohne Worte" ("Song(s) without words") to come up a criminal short story.

Her protagonist Ottilie locates her in the fashionable city of Wiesbaden, 

Frankfurt and London in the days of Mendelssohn and Poe. Subject of the story: Marriage deception with surprising outcome ...

Typical of legs: the fragmentary setup.

On stage, the author reads her refined puzzle alternatingly with the songs - played by Sax Allemande.

At least here it is clear how much of the unspoken opinion, feelings and fears Mendelssohn expressed with his music - especially the ladies of the time - because they helped his "Liedern ohne Worte" become an overwhelming and timeless success at that time.