Lieder ohne Wort

Cher Felix,

For many years, we play your work in our way and are always

drawn back into their very special spell. So classic and emotional, romantic and polyphonic, perfect in form and warm - this can only come from you! Cheerfully and carefully, you seduce us - a look into light-filled leaves, sun spots, a glass of champagne in hand, welcome and farewell - senza parole - but eloquent of 1001 nights. Invite us friends to tune the instruments, to laugh, to cry and to celebrate...

Sax Allemande


The CD in the media


Landau, Jugendstilfesthalle

A special treat was provided by the reproduction of "Songs without Words" which was originally composed for piano  by Mendelssohn Bartholdy, which unfolds itself its melodic charm warm and deeply-touching intimacy through pure melody and subtly eloquent accompaniment. Right here, it was also seen how nuanced and well-accented and technically versed and still seemingly relaxed the trio "Sax Allemande" carries the dazzling variety of music to a level of chamber music intimacy...

(Source: Pfälzer Tageblatt)

Schweinfurt, Stadttheater


....Eight of the "Lieder ohne Worte" ("Songs without words") by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy were released with this exceptional instrumentation in a completely new light. Ethereal and volatile, almost unreal and morbid, they breathed, far ahead, already a touch of Satie or the great vocalisation of the 20th century.....


(Source: Schweinfurter Tagblatt)

Friedrichshafen, Graf-Zepplin-Haus

... Richly nuanced diversity, clear articulation and intimate tonal harmony covers "Lieder ohne Worte" ("Songs without words") with warm lustre and reveals all the charm of art of interpretation.


.... presented as crazy romantic chamber music, it is quite clear here as in previous works: Crazy, in any case, namely in a new, dazzling and iridescent light.


(Source: Südkurier)

Gießen, Meisterkonzerte

...Alone the songs chosen for this evening from Mendelssohn's "Lieder ohne Worte" ("Songs without words"), which, characterised by a potpourri of feelings that completely unfolded the diverse expressive power of musicians, were an experience in this casting .....


(Source: Gießener Anzeiger)



...In this way, the unclouded listening pleasure continued after the break in selected "Lieder ohne Worte" ("Songs without words") by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. In the sensitive interpretation of the Trio, the heartfelt melodic charm radiated the »Frühlingslied« (Spring Song), op 62 No. 6 from.....


....The dynamic progressions were seen in a sophisticated form in op. 30 No. 2; the contoured interpretation seemed all of a piece. Great class was seen just as the ensemble in op. 30 No. 5 and op. 67 No. 2 which brought a lot of lightness into play. The sumptuous and melodic "Gondola Song" op. 30 No. 6 stroked the soul downright. The "Andante espressivo" Op 62 No. 1 also went quite close in the nuanced interpretation revealing the poetic overtones. The Presto, Op 102 No. 3 was of vibrant and bold kind in which the flawless virtuosity amazed.....


(SourceGießener Allgemeine Zeitung)