Imaginary Saloon

Brahms, Joplin, Gershwin....


The surprising proximity to the lifetime data and the parallel biographical aspects of the youth of our three protagonists provide us with the idea for this program: Because it is required by the circumstances and the Familienkasse, their musical growth is characterised by the Hamburger Tanzlokale (dancehalls), Missouri pleasure boats or New York's "tin pan alley". They are talented entertainers and gifted musicians, equipped with the right instinct, to wrap every audience around the finger and they take much of this "on the road" acquired skills with in their work as adult composers.

The musical surprise and the unique appeal of this program is the approach to what seems to be so far at first glance: Sax Allemande combine waltz and capriccios of Johannes Brahms with Ragtimes and Serenades by Scott Joplin, songs and preludes of George Gershwin for a highly entertaining program.

Last but not least, this topic is also a musical foray into the pre-jazz era in terms of roots of jazz in addition to gospel, spirituals and blues.