Goldberg Variations

Maurizio Kagel once said so aptly: "Not all musicians believe in God, but all musicians believe in Bach." Bach is cult and the Goldbergs are magic. Alte Oper Frankfurt, Allerheiligen Hofkirche München, City Theatre Schweinfurt, Thüringer Bachwochen, among others, were places where the special events took place ...


Schweinfurt, City Theatre

Between meditation and applause


Bach's Goldberg variations have already been heard, experienced and sometimes even endured in many castings. This time they were a pure pleasure .....


.....Alone the peace and quiet of Aria at the beginning was an experience. Serene cheerfulness and graceful elegance in almost unbelievable virtuosity characterized the fast movements ...


(Source: Schweinfurter Tagblatt)

Jülich, Schloßkonzerte

...The ensemble "SAX allemande" with Frank Schüssler, Arend Hasted, Markus Maier and Stefan Mishula offered an ingenious interplay and dealt with the Bach composition so sensitively and cautiously, that it almost reverently celebrated this work...


(Source: Aachener Zeitung)

Darmstadt, Schloßkonzerte

..... "SAX allemande", with sonorous sound accompanied by the tenor saxophonist Stepan Mishula, performed the work initially thought for Cebalo in the Karolinensaal of Hessian State Archive in such a cultured way, that you could experience his joy at this interpretation...


...deepened into the artistic canons and fugal movements, they sparkled at the same time out of the joy of playing and managed the feat of making the typical piano figurations sound brilliant on their saxophones.


(Source: Darmstädter Echo)

The CD in the Media

Review by James Leonard

... The effect is amazing. It's amazing Because it's so beautiful, amazing Because it's so musical, and most of all amazing Because it's so impossibly but wonderfully appropriate. Part of the reason it's amazing is did the Sax Allemande is a subtle, sensitive, soulful ensemble with absolutely unbelievable individual and collective technique. No matter what Bach or the arrangement throws at them, the players knock it out of the park ....


... While CLEARLY not for everyone, anyone with an open mind and an open heart will surely enjoy this disc. From another room, Farao Classics' digital sound could easily be mistaken for the real thing


(Source: )

Radio Bremen - "Chamber Music on Friday" with Wilfried Schäper

When full-blooded musicians engage themselves with Bach like the saxophonists of the ensemble "Sax Allemande", something surprising results out of it. A fresh wind that opens the ears to the endless possibilities with Johann Sebastian Bach ... played brilliantly and in a refreshingly different way.


(Source: Radio Bremen)

Wolf Loeckle in Bayern 4, Klassik Plus, "CDs kritisch gehört"

...SAX ALLEMANDE with variation 25 from the Goldberg Variations of Johann Sebastian Bach, that somehow reaches out into the absolutely endless associative and thinking contemplation of the extra class ecstasy of internal ....

... Melancholy, pensiveness, pure sensuality and purity of thought are all perfectly combined here. This is a truly wonderful production from the dedicated Munich FARAO-Stall...


(Source: BR Klassik)


... Stylish, resilient and absolutely true to note, the trio Sax Allemande revolved around the soul of this masterpiece. Conclusion: Late Baroque timbre with modern saxophones - the pure joy! "


(Source: Sächsische Zeitung Dresden, Jens-Uwe Sommerschuh)