A Kagel Schubert Project

The Echo Klassic Award 2009 for chamber music recording of the year.

A legacy of Mauricio Kagel for Saxophone Trio; at his request, espoused to the trios of Franz Schubert. This music is an eerie affair that knows how to talk about the shallows and depths of both composers ...


Gießen, Meisterkonzerte

Saxophone trio "Sax Allemande" with a grandiose kickoff to the new winter concert season. 


The program of the saxophone trio "Sax Allemande" ..... was one of the most prestigious artistic contributions in recent years.


....The thematic affinity in the "movement character" was particularly evident in Andante D581 and the subsequent Kagel's theorem. Overall, the rhythmically accurate interaction seemed very exciting. The sober transparency of interpretation fascinated, never had a supercooled-stringent effect. At the Minuet from D581, the musicians sensitively met the dance ductus; the movement went into a seamless passage of Kagel, which seemed to reflect on the musical material of Schubert ....


How perfectly the trio managed to achieve the sound balance in the Rondo Finale of the classical and romantic composers and how well it mastered the transitions here inspires lastingly. It is noteworthy that one could hardly notice the inner tension of the ensemble; coping up with such a demanding program in such a confident manner and not making any inaccuracies or errors till the end of the concert is very much on the same level as high performance sports. 


(Source: Gießener Allgemeine Zeitung)



...... The Kagel Schubert project awarded with the German music prize made this concert evening into a truly extraordinary and exhilarating experience ...

 ... Just the artfully provoking exchange between the styles which the musicians mastered in an impressive way, and the illustration of the differences made this experiment an experience of special kind. 


(Source: Gießener Anzeiger)

The CD in the media

"[...] The three abilities for Schubert's music to come up with a surprisingly transparent, agile and clearly articulated sound, which proves the suitability of its instruments to delicate chamber music. ... Individual correspondences arise if the unfinished String Trio B-Dur, D 471 provides the framework for transformation of the movements of the second Schubert Trio D 581 with Kagel's miniatures, which should evoke the 'states when listening to horror stories': sometimes sounding dark, then forward drifting onto torn unison figures, in between however - typical of Kagel's playful quotations of the past - also once in a gesture of a slow waltz dreaming ".


(Source: Musikforum, Gerhard Dietel)


"Devilishly Good! ....And rightly so, this album was awarded the highly ranked Echo Klassik Prize. There is the seldom-heard, elegant sound of a classic saxophone trio. There is the contrast between Franz Schubert and the late composer Mauricio Kagel who died a year ago. And there is the highly intelligent interpretive culture of the ensemble Sax Allemande. Schubert's early string trios sound extremely refined in the version of the three saxophonists [...] The character pieces from Kagel's suite 'The oral treason' which are interwoven with the Schubert movements have a playfully light, but also a profound, grotesque and uncanny effect.  ... "


(Source: Hessische-Niedersächsische Allgemeine, Georg Pepl)


"[...] a high-quality recording full of warmth, complexity and variability of the saxophone sound, which is so closely related to the human voice."


(Source: ensemble, Ernst Hoffmann)


"[...] The trio combines musically distant worlds in form of Schubert's 'String Trio B-Dur No. 1 and 2b' and 'The oral treason' by Kagel that continue to grow together here. The idea itself is fascinating, and the implementation succeeded completely! "


(Source: clarino.print)


"[...] Finely played, dynamically designed with care and with a sense of chamber music intimacy, Sax Allemande plays a Schubert here which opens the ears [...] no mainstream, but a truly inspired new recording. [...] amazing listening experience."


(Source: Radio Bremen, Wilfried Schäper)


"Mauricio Kagel's 'Suite for Saxophone Trio' has also been realised in such a strong, virtuosic and moving way by the strong formation of Sax Allemande. Exciting: Two Schubert string trios in a single version for saxophones. Unusual, but enthralling."


(Source: Sonntags-Kurier)


"[...] 'Sax Allemande' play these total of 21 tracks with technical perfection, with an impressive span in dynamics and emotion, but always coupled with sensitive chamber music intimacy. ... For saxophone enthusiasts, the 'Kagel Schubert Project' of 'Sax Allemande' is a must in the CD rack [...] "


(Source: Glarean Magazin, Walter Eigenmann)


Sensual listening experience

"[...] Even stylistically, the transition into the sound world of the saxophone transcription succeeds convincingly: the diversity of expression, the musical intensity, the dazzling intonation, the vocal balance and the technical virtuosity of Sax Allemande make this CD to a large, sensual listening experience, far from Mainstream or overly complicated conceptual albums. "


(Source: crescendo, Uwe Schneider)